Sustainable Energy

House Construction

Rising Design & Construction believes that being a sustainable construction company is being a green construction company. John Rising, owner and founder of RDC is committed to increasing customer awareness and incorporating the ethics of sustainable building in our business practices as well as our building practices.

Through many of our projects, we are actively decarbonizing the energy usage by installing heat pump water and space heaters, induction cooktops and the addition of solar PV panels. We also greatly reduce the buildings energy needs and baseline which allows us to right size water and space heating and cooling.

At every phase of a project, we evaluate each aspect of the plans and try to implement green, sustainable and energy efficient building materials wherever they make the most ecological and economic sense.

We are constantly researching the latest green building products to stay as current as we can to offer our clients the best possible solutions.

We take into account many things in selecting products but we always ask:

  • What is it made of?
  • Where is it made?
  • How long will it last?
  • And, how much does it cost?

We work as your guide to help you select the appropriate products and systems for your job. Our primary goal is to build structures that are healthy, energy efficient, and cost effective.

Other ways we try to reduce our environmental footprint on each job are:

  • Repurpose, recycle and reuse materials destined for the dump
  • Recycle miscellaneous job site construction material and waste
  • Recycle all metal from the demolition process including nails, screws and flashing
  • Procure materials at locally owned supply firms to make sure the money our clients spend stays in the community
  • Use engineered lumber including joists and studs
  • Always use FSC certified wood in stock lumber and trim
  • Promote green product alternatives (primer, paints, sheetrock, interior finishes, adhesives, sealers, insulation, etc.)