Energy Upgrade California Info

Basic Package

Get a $1,000 incentive when you complete this set package of home upgrades:

Air sealing
Attic insulation
Duct test and seal
Domestic hot water heater pipe wrap insulation
Low-flow showerhead with, or in addition to, thermostatic valve control
Combustion Safety Test (pre-work and post-sealing work)

Advanced Package

Get up to $4,000 in incentives when you complete additional upgrades customized for your home’s needs. The incentive amount is determined by the specified reduction in your home’s energy consumption.*

Typical projects in the Advanced Package include:

Measures in the Basic Upgrade package (as feasible)
Wall insulation
Hot water system upgrades
Proper sizing of heating and/or cooling systems
Energy-efficient windows, cool roofs and other energy-efficiency measures

*Required savings reduction will be based on a comparison of your home’s energy/thermal usage prior to and following completion of package improvements.


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